What Do Project Managers Do, Know, and Earn?


What Do Project Managers Do, Know, and Earn?

It’s well known that project managers play a crucial role in guiding teams towards success. But what exactly do these professionals do, what knowledge do they possess, and how much can they expect to earn?

What Does an Agile Project Manager Do?

An Agile Project Manager leads dynamic teams, facilitating sprints, encouraging collaboration, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. They empower their teams to adapt to changes and deliver innovative solutions that align with the client's vision (Bain & Company, 2020). Agile Project Managers often work in cutting-edge industries like technology, healthcare, and financial services, where the demand for agile methodologies is skyrocketing.

What Does a Hybrid Project Manager Do?

A Hybrid Project Manager bridges the gap between structure and flexibility, leveraging traditional methods for planning and budgeting while incorporating agile practices to adapt to unforeseen changes in execution. They optimize project outcomes by combining predictive and adaptive methods, keeping projects on track and minimizing disruptions (PMI, 2020). Hybrid Project Managers find abundant opportunities in industries like manufacturing and construction, where the combination of predictive and adaptive methods is driving significant growth (Bain & Company, 2020).

What Does a Waterfall Project Manager Do?

A Waterfall Project Manager ensures that each phase of a project is meticulously planned and executed, with no overlap between stages. As the guardian of precision and control, they minimize risks and ensure that projects adhere to strict regulations (PMI, 2020). Waterfall Project Managers often work in sectors like construction and aerospace, where the need for high levels of control and regulatory compliance is essential.

What Do Project Managers Need to Know?

Project managers, regardless of their chosen methodology, must possess a wide range of knowledge and skills. They need to be well-versed in project planning, risk management, stakeholder communication, and team leadership. Additionally, they must have a deep understanding of their chosen methodology, whether it be Agile, Hybrid, or Waterfall, and be able to apply its principles effectively in real-world scenarios.

How Much Do Project Managers Earn?

According to the Project Management Institute's 2020 Salary Survey, project managers' earnings vary depending on their chosen methodology, industry, and experience level. Agile Project Managers typically earn between $90,000 and $130,000 per year, while Hybrid Project Managers usually earn between $85,000 and $120,000 per year. Waterfall Project Managers can expect to earn between $80,000 and $115,000 per year (PMI, 2020)

What Opportunities Await Project Managers in the Future?

The future is bright for project managers, with opportunities for growth and specialization abounding. As businesses continue to recognize the value of effective project management, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is expected to rise. Project managers can look forward to opportunities to specialize in specific industries, take on increasingly complex projects, and move into leadership roles.
Moreover, as artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies continue to shape the business landscape, project managers will play a crucial role in navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. While AI may automate certain tasks, the core competencies of project managers—strategic oversight, leadership, and stakeholder management—will remain irreplaceable (Accenture, 2020).


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